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07/26/2017 | Local Progress: A National Network of Progressive Local Elected Officials

6th Annual Local Progress Convening in Austin, TX

Each year Local Progress (LP) convenes members from across the country together to celebrate local progressive victories and plan for the year ahead. This year, more than ever, the coordination of elected officials is critical to protecting our most vulnerable communities in this political climate led by a hostile administration.

Starting tomorrow, nearly 200 LP members will convene in in Austin to share best practices in municipal policy, discuss strategies to build power locally and network coordinated responses from our cities. We are excited to report that the network of progressives continues to grow with over well over 50% attendees this year being new to the year convening. Our membership continues to get more diverse, with nearly 50% of our attendees being women and 50% being people of color.

Are you interested in running for office? We can help you! Check out this incredible video featuring dozens of Local Progress members and learn how you can start serving your local municipality.

Local Progress members will be working to lay out a campaign agendas around everything from protecting our immigrant communities, police reform & just policing, infrastructure, economic justice and more.  In addition to designing plans on how to fight back against all of the national work, members will be joining the resistance against Governor Abbott who just signed one of the most anti-immigrant bills in the country and just called a special session to do pass an especially egregious attack on the working people of Texas.

It is in this room that Local Progress members will work together to get creative around working with community partners the most impacted communities to both fight back against a hostile administration, as well as lead trans-local policies, and shape the state and national discourse on a variety of issues.